I shake it off


I bought another one to give away. Since it was so cheap. Just reblog and add a comment stating your favorite Taylor song! I am gonna have this contest run until September 7, 2014. So reblog and comment your fav Taylor song. Must be following me. Its international. Rules you must have an iPhone 5 or 5s and follow me. Have fun!!

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baby im just gonna shake shake shake shake shake, shake it off

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See you tomorrow. #TaylorSwiftYahoo1Day

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge ACCEPTED and met at our VMA rehearsal.


Press conferences

Taylor being cute at The Giver press conference on August 11th


Taylor Swift - Winning Choice Female Country Artist & Presenting at Teen Choice Awards 2014

@taylorswift13: Chinese food. Law and Order DVDs. Cat. Blanket. Couch.

"Looking back on the things that I’ve written songs about and looking back at who you used to be. There was a time in my life where my biggest fear was not fitting in at school. There was a time when my biggest dream was to get asked to the prom by an older guy. It’s hard in that time of your life when everyone is telling you that you’re too young to do everything, but you’re old enough to find love and you’re old enough to get your heart broken. It was the year that I met my best friend Abigail.. I was fifteen."


9 Taylor Swift Songs as Vintage Books

First & Last Shows of the: Fearless Tour, Speak Now World Tour, and Red World Tour